In this article you get six major effective ways to lose fat.The art of losing fat is simply not about going on the latest fad diet – that won’t work at all.The truth is that the majority of people who embark upon these ridiculous crazes and lose an incredible (and dangerous) amount of weight in a short space of time will generally end up piling the pounds back on with interest as soon as they stop.

Here are a few effective and simple ways to lose fat:

* Go to bed early – studies have shown that people who always make sure to get at least 8 hours sleep per night are less likely to suffer from weight problems than those who don’t.

* Increase your protein intake – the body needs protein in order to maintain leaner muscle with in turn increases your metabolism enabling your body to carry on burning calories even after you’ve finished any type of exercise. Great sources of protein include lean meat, fish, nuts and poultry.

* Stand up – even if you have a sit down job it’s important to stand up as often as possible. Standing up while you speak on the telephone can make a difference. People who sit down for periods of four hours or more are more likely to store fat and gain weight.

* If you really wanna lose fat belly then Drink plenty of cold water – at least 6 cups per day for the best results. This can raise your metabolism even while you are resting to burn an extra 50 calories per day which equates to around 5 pounds in a year.

* One of the ways to lose fat quick is eating spicy foods – the stuff which makes chile peppers hot can also spice up your metabolism to burn more calories. Simply adding a few dried pepper flakes to pasta, stir fries and pizza can make a difference.

* Another ways to lose fat from stomach is Exercise – many people know this – that you need to exercise so that the fat can be burnt off. But many people just refuse to do so. They will prefer to just rely on some over the counter drugs and hoping that it helps them to loose weight. These drugs mostly just help you to remove the water from your body. They do not effectively help you loose weight.

Our present day lifestyle can make exercise a little difficult. However, you can at least still walk. Walk whenever you can and take that stairs. Taking that extra steps certainly help you to reduce some of your fat. Don’t be lazy – just go and get a walk.For More on Ways to Lose Fat


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