• Doing a pregnancy test for many women is an exciting affair: the issue is will you be pregnant, or not ?!
  • Some women are convinced that they are pregnant, but nevertheless have a negative test result.
  • Can you still be pregnant when you have a negative pregnancy test?

What is a pregnancy test?
A pregnancy test is used when you want to know if you’re pregnant or not. A pregnancy test can independently carry out a self-test, or let out by their GP run. In
principle, both methods involves checking for the urine or blood for the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG.

What is HCG?
HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. hCG is also known as the pregnancy hormone, because it is only present in the human body during pregnancy.
hCG is particularly produced by the placenta in the uterus of a pregnant woman. It is hCG which is responsible for increasing the production of progesterone and
estradiol, two important hormones that occurs during pregnancy. The amount of hCG increases the first ten weeks of pregnancy which has a high tendency to
decline slowly thereafter.

A negative pregnancy test: can I still be pregnant?
There are stories among women who had a negative pregnancy test but nevertheless turned out to be pregnant. By some it is dismissed as an urban legend, but it
is certainly possible to have a negative test result and still be pregnant. Here, are a number of factors:

  1. Medication
  2. Too early tests
  3. To dilute urine

There are fertility stimulants which contain hCG. These are generally introduced by means of an injection into the body. These medications can cause falsely elevated levels of hCG. Recommended reason whatsoever is not earlier than 14 days after the last injection to test the fertility drug in pregnancy.

Birth control pills, antibiotics and painkillers do not affect the test result. Make sure that you always use a clean receptacle for urine, when you are issued a dirty or
poorly cleaned receptacle used to the likelihood of urinary substances that can affect the test.

Too early tests:
A potential pregnancy is an exciting affair and therefore you may be tempted too early to take a pregnancy test. This stage of pregnancy is not sufficiently clear to be a pregnancy hormone in order to obtain a positive test result.

Also make sure you’re not prematurely reads the test result. Pregnancy tests are only after some time ‘worked out’ and when you are reading the result rather than the packaging indicates you can get a negative pregnancy test.

You can do a pregnancy test from the day you normally stop menstruating in your cycle. Many people have an irregular cycle, making it difficult to estimate when you might be able to test for pregnancy. In this case,this could be, the longest possible cycle.

Too diluted urine or ‘wrong’ urine :
You can use the best morning urine to execute a pregnancy test. Morning Urine is in fact the most concentrated giving hCG more easily to be demonstrated. If your urine is very diluted, for example because you’ve drunk a lot, it is more difficult to detect any hCG. You can therefore perform test best when you feel the natural urge to urinate without excessive drink to advance your peeing. Always use the direct urine and leave the urine that does not stand a long time before testing. All these can also affect the test results.


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