Түшүмдүү Days кийин мезгил-Канткенде түшүмдүү күндөрү эсептөө үчүн!

Fertile days after Period-How to Calculate your Fertile Days:If you want to become pregnant timing is extremely important.Shortly after you ovulate you are most likely to be fertile. Once this has taken place your egg can be fertilized and can make you get pregnant.

During your fertile days, the probability of you getting pregnant, is usually high. If you want to become pregnant, it is important that you calculate your ovulation as accurately as possible. In this article you will learn all different methods by which you can calculate your fertile days

Methods Used to predict ovulation (Fertile days after Period)

On the basis of a number of methods, you can predict ovulation. Төмөндө тартылган ыкмалар:

  • Measuring body temperature
  • Checking the cervical mucus
  • Counting your days
  • checking the position of your cervix

It is more effective to employ a combination of methods. I advise you do not focus on a specific method, but using some of these different methods would be enough.

Measuring body temperature(Fertile days after Period)

During ovulation your body makes the hormone progesterone. Between the time of ovulation and menstruation this hormone in your body gradually rise. There is an increase of at least 0.2 degrees Celsius. With a thermometer you can observe clearly the increase in the temperature.

It is important that you always measure your temperature at the same time of day. The most appropriate time to do this is when you’re just waking up. At this time, your body temperature is lowest and haven’t done much strenuous activities. Measure your temperature every morning around the same time and record them in a table. Do this throughout your cycle. So from the first day of your period until the last day before your period.

If you’re logging your daily temperature then you will notice that your temperature values hardly change. At a certain point, you will perceive a change. Your temperature is suddenly higher than the previous six days. At that time your ovulation is most likely to occurred.

At the time of your ovulation your body produces the hormone progesterone. This hormone prepares the uterus for the arrival of a fertilized egg. The hormone emissions caused heat in your body which virtually brings about the rise in body temperature.

If your temperature values quoted a number of cycles, at this point you get a clear picture of the time when ovulation will occurs. You will feel much better when your next ovulation occurs. So you know on what day your chances of pregnancy are mostly high.

Checking the cervical mucus(Fertile days after Period)

Cervical or vaginal discharge, is a good indicator to predict your fertility. Probably you already noticed that your normal secretion changes during your cycle. The shorter before you ovulate, the more cervical mucus your body produces.

During the first days of your bleeding, you have virtually no separation. The first days after the mucus you feel moist around your cervix. After that it gets a bit thicker and whiter. Next, the structure of the mucus is constantly changing. Your separation will be less lumpy, but cloudier. A few days later you will see glassy secretion, it seems elastic. Your body prepares for ovulation .

Glassy, stretchy secretion offers the best sperm survival. Now if you have sex with your partner you have greater chances of getting pregnant.

Counting your days(Fertile days after Period)

For fertile days after period:Your fertile days is determined by counting your days which only works if you have a very regular cycle. This means that your monthly cycle lasts longer. If your cycle is a bit irregular then you have nothing for this method.

Your cycle always starts on the first day of your period and ends on the day of your new period. жанаou can then calculate in advance for a regular cycle when you have fertile days:

If your bleeding starts on March 1st and your next period is on March 31, it will take your cycle 30 days. Then you can from the last day of your cycle, which was March 30, 13 to 15 days countdown.

For those who have a shorter cycle, сuppose your bleeding begins on the 2nd of July, and your next hemorrhage is on July 28th. You then have a cycle of 26 days. Also, you can count backwards from the last day of your cycle 13 to 15 days to deduce when you had your ovulation. Your ovulation then took place between 11th and 13th July. Check out this Video.

check the position of your cervix(Fertile days after Period)

Checking the position of your cervix is specially to create a convenient method if you do not have much vaginal discharge. During your cycle your cervix changes position.

Right after your period your cervix will be closer to your vagina. You can then feel this easily. Also your cervix feels tender than hard. Once you are in your fertile days, the position of your cervix begins to change. This will be smoother and rises up towards your womb. It is almost impossible to reach them with your fingers.

You can check the position of your cervix by feeling with one or two fingers inside your vagina. сенин cervical wall feels somewhat rough and wrinkly. The cervix itself is firmer and smoother. You can use this method best by performing a stand by with one leg on a chair or on the edge of the bed and slightly bending forward. This makes it easier to feel your cervix. Feel your cervix? Then check if it feels hard or soft, how open is the neck condition and how far it is to the top.

Your chances of getting pregnant are greatest when the neck is high and has been completely opened with a soft touch. Feeling your cervix does take some practice here. эмне not immediately give up if it does not work the first time.

Only tools (Fertile days after Period)

The methods mentioned above are widely used by women attempting to conceive. Since every woman works differently, these methods are not for every woman. However, these methods do not give you assurance that you will become pregnant. үчүн Сиздин мезгил өткөндөн кийин түшүмдүү күн,ыкмалары жогору only tools that can help you get pregnant fast.

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