Diseases/ disorders

Gejala diabetes ing Women

The symptoms of diabetes in women:Diabetes has gained the reputation of being one of the most common medical problems that many people around the world face. The disease is also known as diabetes mellitus, lan bener sawijining golongan penyakit sing mengaruhi operasi ing getih glukosa kanggo nyandhet fungsi awak. There are...

Bebener babagan diabetes mellitus

Serious Truth about Diabetes mellitus: First, apa diabetes (asring diarani mung diabetes)? Diabetes punika kelainan metabolis ngendi awak iku biso kanggo aturan tingkat glukosa otomatis ing getih, anjog kanggo munggah ing tingkat gedhe banget saka gula (glukosa) ing getih. Cukup, diabetes is a disease in which your body...

Lower back pain and possible causes

Lower back pain and possible causes Low back pain is also called lumbago. Many people have occasionally suffered from this, and when the pain stays on for an extended period,it drives people to despair. People who suffer from lower back pain often exprience madness no matter what altitude they experience in standing, sitting and lying...

Kabeh babagan Zika Virus (microcefalia virus zika )

Zika Virus (microcefalia virus zika ) on 1 Februari 2016, World Health Organization (WHO) ngumumaké Health darurat Public saka Concern International gegayutan kelompok-kelompok saka microcephaly lan kelainan neurologikal dilapurake ing Brazil lan bisa asosiasi karo virus Zika. We have also added Curaçao and Nicaragua to the list of countries of concern due to ongoing...

Digestive Disorders and Herbal Treatments

Digestive Disorders and Herbal Treatments Introduction Diseases which are connected with the intestinal tract are known as digestive disorders. The Digestive Tract consists of various organs that actually work harmoniously. Stress and bad lifestyle can certainly disrupt this harmony. Recent reports show that half of the American human population is infected by some type of digestive...
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