lose weight by walking

Lose weight by walking:Walking is one of the easiest ways of moving, which anyone can do. That is precisely why it is pre-eminently a form of exercise that can help if you want to lose weight. On this page you will learn how to lose weight successfully just by walking.

Burning Fat by walking (Lose weight by walking)

Many people think that it is not possible to burn fat by walking. However, research suggests something different: walking appears to be a good way to lose weight gradually and permanently.

Obviously you burn fewer calories by walking than running or doing some other intensive sport. The great advantage of walking, however, is that it is easy to maintain and easy to achieve in daily life.

Whoever starts walking must not expect spectacular results in a short term,however, whoever is consistent will clearly lose weight in the long run. Moreover, this weight loss is often more definitive than the weight you lose on a diet.

How many calories do I burn by walking?(Lose weight by walking)

A 70 kg person can burn about 80 calories per walked kilometer (10-14 minutes). Who is heavier burns slightly more while for who is lighter, burns slightly less.

How long do I have to walk in order to lose weight?

It is best to walk as much and as often as possible as can. How long you run consecutively and how fast you walk, however, are also very important in this regard.

Studies have shown that women who have three short (about 30 minutes) but intense hikes for a week and also two slower walks to lose 6x more belly fat than women who do five quiet walks per week.

What is an intensive hike? An intensive walk is a walk where you just get a little warm up by the steps. You do not have to sweat, but the breathing and heart rate should be slightly higher than during a leisurely stroll. This way you stimulate the fat burning and blood circulation, which in turn helps protect against heart disease and also improves the metabolic rate. For some extra intensity to give the exercise, it can help to move your arms along firmly.

How can I walk to lose weight?

Walking seems a natural process where you do not even need to think. But there are certainly different ways of walking, and they are not all equally effective. So you make the most of your hike:

  • Walk with your chin up
    Do not look at your feet when you walk, but keep your eyes focused on the horizon. So you keep your neck at the same height as your back.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles
    This makes your abs to sue which ensures that you burn more energy, and in addition you get immediately the right attitude.
  • Walk straight on the paved road
    Walking on a sand or gravel path requires more energy than walking on a nice paved road or footpath.

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Combine walking with weight training(Lose weight by walking)

Do you want the quickest and best possible result? Combine your hikes regularly with strength training. High intensity strength training allows for the production of various hormones that help to burn fat.

What should I look further

For lose weight by walking, Try to make small changes in your diet. I advise you to eat more protein and fiber and less carbs. You can achieve this by reading on the page about proteins .


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