How to Exercise Less and Lose Weight

How to Exercise Less, Eat “Good” Fat, Lose Weight and Feel Good Again! There are a large part of health and dietary advice out there that will tell you to “eat less and exercise more.” And today, I’m a little grease to you … eat more and exercise less. This opinion is based on some research into what I call fat programs that survive your body programs and ensures that you gain weight. Understanding how to work with your body’s survival programs (instead of fighting them) will allow you to lose weight in a much more sustainable way.

So let’s look deeper into one of my advice to eat good fat (eat more) and exercise less. Let’s examine the first part…

1Eat “Good” Fat (EAT MORE):

When I say eat more, I’m really eating more healthy foods. That is, getting more nutrition into your body. Many of us are starving nutritionally. This type of hunger can cause chronic food cravings.

Even today’s processed foods cause inflammation and digestive problems, both of which activate your FAT programs. By adding more healthy foods, you will nourish your body; reduce inflammation and repair your digestive system.

The focus for us is to eat good fat always. Over time, you’ll experience less junk food cravings and you’ll become more efficient in burning fat.



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