Healthy Breakfast To Lose Weight

Healthy breakfast to lose weight:Healthy breakfast is very important. The breakfast gives you a clear energy to get through the day. A healthy breakfast also ensures that your metabolism gets going. Also, if you want to lose weight it is important that you eat a good breakfast regularly. From research, it shows that people who skip breakfast during the day take more food and snacks, which is counterproductive to weight loss. Skipping breakfast is a no-no call if you want to lose weight.

Tips For Healthy breakfast to lose weight

But with just breakfast you’re not there yet, because you should  eat a healthy breakfast. In this article, there are 10 tips or ideas for healthy  breakfast .It’s important that you  exchange your breakfast regularly  That way, you will always get different nutrients and go less bored  with a lot of less quick healthy breakfast!

1. Breakfast with fruit & yogurt

Going hungry in the  morning will make it difficult  for you to  observe  a healthy breakfast? Instead opt for a light breakfast. A small portion  of breakfast is still  better than no breakfast at all. Take for example a bowl of yogurt and put some pieces of banana, peach or apple altogether. Tip: you can go to the supermarket for a  ready-made (ie already cleaned and cut) fruit. You’ll find convenient plastic cups with fruit  or canned fruit; like  peach and pineapple brand in any   average grocery store . Also on the fresh food section you will find more and more different types of pre-cut fruits, including melon and mango. Also berries , strawberries are delicious with the yogurt. Note: Take  it with fruit without added sugar, otherwise  your breakfast  would no longer be healthy.

2.Volkoren cereal breakfast

high-quality breakfast cereal is very healthy. Take for example oatmeal, muesli, granola, whole grain cereal or whole grain crunch. Please note: try to eat a breakfast cereal with minimal sugar .Chocolate Crunch Quaker for example, is certainly not a healthy breakfast choice because it is full of sugar.. Preferably use a product without sugar and with as much fiber. Which are in fact good for your bowel movements and will satisfy your hunger. Tip: more and more manufacturers of different cereals bring their products to market with less sugar and more fiber. Check also once at a health food store, you’ll find good healthy cereal for breakfast.

3. Boiled egg (Healthy Breakfast To Lose Weight)

Take a hearty breakfast with a boil egg in the morning . Take the egg with a wholemeal bread or cracker, to  start your day. Tip: You can keep egg in the refrigerator  for a  great breakfast? Again  you can  even  cook the egg in the evening and refrigerate.

4. Cottage cheese (with juice concentrate)

A bowl cottage cheese is fine for a healthy breakfast. Take preferably low-fat cottage cheese if you want to lose weight, and then for pure quark. Like pure junket which is too acidic? Then add possibly some bio-organic juice concentrate  without sugar. A form of fruit curd without sugar or sweeteners is also fine.

5. Super healthy smoothie

Are you  the type that gets stabbing for  a meal in the morning? Pack  some fruits, put them in the blender, possibly add some yogurt and ready! Within a short time you will make for yourself  a healthy and tasty drink breakfast in the form of a smoothie . If you don’t even feel like making one, then  buy a ready-made smoothie (no sugar!) at the grocery store. Additional tip: even green vegetable juices are increasingly consumed as ultra-healthy breakfast drink!

6. Toasted bread with jam

Do you brood over yesterday? Put it in the toaster and put a layer of jam on. Try to choose a jam without sugar.

7. Baked apple with cinnamon and raisins = good breakfast

Put some raisins in a bowl of water so that they can soak before going to bed at night. The next morning you peel an apple and bake it in the pan until the apple is seared and tender. Sprinkle at least the soaked raisins and cinnamon on the apples and cook for some time and you have a healthy and delicious breakfast on the table. Are you looking for a bigger breakfast? Add  possibly  some nuts.

8. Fresh fruit salad for breakfast

A fresh fruit salad provides you with a huge dose of vitamins and minerals. That’s great, to start the day. But to be honest, who has feels good waking up in the morning to make a fresh fruit salad? Do not worry, most supermarkets and greengrocers are now selling ready-to-eat fruit salads. You can additionally choose to make the fruit salad in the evening and put it overnight in the refrigerator. Tip: A banana is delicious in a salad, but it survives a night in the refrigerator as well. Fruit that will  do fine as part of a fruit salad can be kept in the fridge eg orange, apple, blueberry, peach, pineapple, mandarin etc. Among the protein-rich fruits include berries, bananas , avocados , strawberries and mangoes. For extra protein you can optionally add a spoonful of cottage cheese or some nuts and seeds.

9. Toast with smoked salmon

Some will probably  feel they can’t do this in the morning, but a whole-wheat toast with smoked fish (such as salmon or mackerel) is definitely a healthy breakfast. Just take  a small portion, your breakfast may not be as big as your lunch or dinner .

10. Walnut Bread (Healthy Breakfast To Lose Weight)

Do you have a bread machine? Bake evening wholemeal bread with nuts and you will have good breakfast every morning this is also another super fresh breakfast meal!

Do you have additional tips for a healthy breakfast to lose weight? Where you take breakfast with? And do you have any tips for a good breakfast to lose weight? Please let us know in the form of a comment!

Additional tip: Also see 7 Healthy breakfast ideas for kids and Teens …


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