best healthiest meats to Eat

Ham-the best healthiest meats to eat:Daily eating of meat is not really necessary, but food can be very healthy when served occasionally with lean meats. It is so because it contains important amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of meat you can buy hardly make anything with meat in “normal” supermarkets and butchers. Indeed, it is much too tinkering!

E-numbers & synthetic additives

Thus, added to the vast majority of all regular meat products which aids no benefit to your physical health. Think of emulsifiers, yeast, colorings, flavor enhancers, preservatives and sweeteners.Processed meats are especially notorious for nitrite and nitrate. In addition, there is always a form of sugar which is added (maltose, dextrose, glucose, lactose, etc.).

Unfortunately you can not always recognize this kind of unhealthy meats with the naked eye . But in some cases … Processed (crushed, pureed, mixed, etc.) meat is sold in perfectly round or oval slices or cylinders such as roast beef, paté, corned beef, salami and various sausages that are almost unhealthy. However, this is in many cases for “very” meats such as bacon, chicken breast, turkey breast and certain types of ham. There are exceptions to this rule such as organic chicken breast.

Tip: If you buy organic meat toppings, you’re sure to have E-number-free meats!

Moderately healthy meats (Best healthiest meats to Eat)

Although they are rare, there is still meat fillings containing no synthetic additives. It then goes into the vast majority of cases “whole” meats that have no ideal symmetrical mold. Think of pork, ham, roast beef, smoked beef and ham. However, it is also wise that you check the ingredient lists in these meats to these meats, because the use of explicit lists varies greatly from butcher, manufacturer and sales address.

Healthiest meats for bread(Best healthiest meats to Eat)

There are certain meats where laws and rule making have no E-numbers that may be added to it. They consist exclusively of sliced meat paste and salt. Not that salt’s so healthy, but a pinch of salt deserve in my opinion is preferable to a mixture of 15 (mostly unnecessary) E numbers. The best choice is usually cured ham …

Ham should not be seen as “a slice of dead animal” being eaten completely unprepared (as with raw fish is sometimes the case). Raw ham is in fact “raw” in the sense of ‘uncooked’, ‘not baked or fried, “” not grilled or roasted’ and ‘not steamed. “Ham is in fact matured, smoked and / or salted. These are simply alternative methods to preserve meat. Most of these kinds of smoked, ripened and cured hams are free of unhealthy chemical / synthetic / artificial additives.

Tip: to raw, smoked and matured hams are often a visible white rind. To limit, you can remove visible fat, the fat and calorie intake with a sharp carving knife. If you want to watch your line, choose the butcher or supermarket anyway it is always the least marbled ( “fat-marbled”) ham.

Best types of “pure” ham(Best healthiest meats to Eat)

Normal, boiled and roasted hams (ham, shoulder etc.) usually are full of unhealthy additives. This does not fortunately appeals for most raw hams Here is a list of relatively healthy meats for your bread or the best healthiest meats to eat which are not out of control.:

1. Parma ham

Parma ham or ‘Prosciutto di Parma’ is just about the most popular raw hamsoort which is available in the Europe.

2. Serrano and Ibérico

In Spain, Serrano ham or ‘jamon serrano’ are extremely popular. And then there is also the king of Spanish ham, named “Jamón Ibérico. A distinction is again made between ‘Bellota’, ‘Recebo’, ‘Cebo de Campo’ and ‘Cebo’. “Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Reserva” which is the most exclusive Spanish ham of all.

3. Black Forest ham

Known German counterparts from the Italian Parma ham and Spanish Serrano ham are the Black Woudham (Black Forest ham), Westfalia Ham (Westfälischer Schinken) and Ammerlander Ham (Ammerländer Schinken) and Coburger (Coburg Schinken).

4. Coburger

From Belgium include the Ganda ham and Ardennes ham.

5. Countryham

And then there’s the American Country ham …

Finally (Best healthiest meats to Eat)

Always look for the security on the ingredients list when you buy ham. Raw ham is in fact not always free of (synthetic) additives. On packaged raw hams is usually a detailed list of ingredients.

If you buy ham from the fresh food section of the supermarket or a butcher, this is usually not provided with a list of ingredients.

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