Best way to lose belly fat

Best way to lose belly fat:Do you think your ugly belly fat can be shed off ASAP? can you lose belly fat fast? Then you’ve come to the right page! On this page you will find easy steps that will directly help to burn abdominal fat.Indeed these are the best way to lose belly fat fast. For abdominal fat is not only unsightly, it also increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. Enough reasons to say goodbye to your fat belly.I’ve done my best to give an overview on this page with everything you need to know to effectively address the fat on your stomach or abdomen and to provide the best way to lose belly fat. So look at what you should eat, what you should not eat and the exercises that works best. Also, I have layout for you the role of hormones and how your hormones can work best for you. But first I will take a closer look at the formation of abdominal fat.

Belly fat in men versus abdominal fat in women

Men have hormones more prone to a potbelly than women. To address the abdominal fat, however, it is true that this is much the same for men and women. Before I explain what you can do to your fat stomach, however, I will first explain why so many people have a big belly.

Why do so many people have a big belly?

Where fat accumulates in the body depends on many factors, including:

  • your gender
  • Your hormones and possible hormonal imbalances
  • Your age
  • Several genetic factors, such as construction and birth weight

Abdominal fat in young women

In young women fat is usually stored around the hips, abdomen and buttocks. For some women, there is upset in balance, that makes the fat to be concentrated around the abdomen. The reason is often eating too many carbohydrates and sugars in combination with too much stress or too little sleep.
Abdominal fat in middle-aged women and men

In aged men and women fat is specially concentrated around the belly and breasts. Naturally it is in these places, that most of the fat and (slightly) overweight occurs. To reduce fat deposits in the abdomen, it is wise to improve your hormonal system. How do you do that, you can read further on this page.Watch this video on the best way to lose belly fat for Men.

What you should know about hormones and belly fat

Hormones regulate virtually all processes in the body. For example, if your body stores fat and where is this fat stored? What many people do not know is that the food that you eat can have effects on the hormonal balance.

Below is a list of some foods that contribute to the formation of abdominal fat which gives negative effects to your hormonal balance.

  • Alcohol
    Alcohol suppresses testosterone production. This hormone is, in both women and men which is involved in the breakdown of fat. Whoever takes lots of alcohol, there will be breakdown of less fat which is stored . This fat is primarily stored in the abdomen and around the organs in the abdomen.
  • Fast food and snacks
    Think of French fries and other fried foods, cookies, pies and candy bars. According to the research published in 2007,these foods contain many trans fats. Trans fat has strong biological effect on the body, which often lead to fat formation on, and around, the abdomen.
  • Soda
    Soda has an effect on steroid hormones in the body, called glucocorticoids. The best known of these hormones is cortisol. This substance is known to induce the formation of abdominal fat when there are too many circulating in the blood.

Too much processed meat
Many eat meat, especially processed meat such as sausages and meats, this may also lead to the formation of extra abdominal fat, as shown by a 2008 study in ‘The Journal of Nutrition. ”

Watch this Video on the best way to lose belly fat for women .

How do I bring my hormones in balance for a flat stomach?

As you have already read above, there are several hormones involved in the formation of abdominal fat. You will therefore have to do something to get these hormones in balance. A good first step is to (gradually) withdraw the power above that gives you a big belly.

In addition, it can help you to eat more precisely certain foods that help your body to burn belly fat.

Food that helps burn belly fat on the abdomen and stomach

  • blueberriesbest-way-to-lose-belly-fat-for-men
    A study by The University of Michigan shows that a diet called blueberries when regularly eaten ultimately ensures a significant reduction of abdominal fat. Another University, Tufts University, has even found that a regular intake of catechins (which you particularly found in blueberries) increases the loss of belly fat by 77% compared to a diet with little or no catechins. (Other sources of catechins are green / white tea and cocoa)
  • walnuts
    Nutrients in walnuts, such as omega-3 help stress hormones such as cortisol to be under control. When the amount of cortisol is elevated in the blood, more fat is deposited around and on your stomach.
  • low-fat yogurt
    Yogurt contains the amino acid arginine.This amino acid has been shown to contribute to the burning of fat and formation of muscle tissue.
  • citrus
    Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of stress hormones such as cortisol, and thus to the reduction of fat accumulation around your abdomen.

The pros and cons of ab exercises to lose belly fat

Abdominal exercises are good to do, if it’s just because your belly is to be tighter. However, it is not ideal that you approach the belly fat specifically with abdominal exercises.However,it depends on a variety of genetic and hormonal variables that depends where fat accumulates in the body .

By training diets,the amount of fat is reduced, but this reduction takes place over the entire body. It is therefore not possible to do specific exercises so you only lose your belly fat. Furthermore, it is often the case where fat in the abdomen relatively stays longer, unfortunately, when you do so, you usually have a long breath. Do not let this discourage you especially you are just exercising as a beginner.!

Running to burn belly fat, or not? (Best way to lose belly fat)

Cardio seems for most people, the easiest and most effective form of sport to burn fat. The vast majority of people are also running , skating, rowing or cycling . Yet for others,cardio is certainly not the most effective way of exercise to burn fat.
It is much better to do strength training with your strength. This has to do with hormones which . namely stimulates the formation of testosterone and growth hormone. Also provides strength training for an afterburn effect until a few days after the strength training your body uses more energy and you will burn more calories!

Many women do not start strength training for fear that they will look “masculine” muscular. But this is an unfounded fear. You’ll have to train extremely to look like a kind of Hulk. Women doing strength training will only get more defined muscles initially. And this example creates tighter legs, buttocks and abdomen. Something that every woman wants to be.

Immediately begin to burn belly fat

The body has two main sources where you can get out of the energy:

  • Carbohydrates, or sugars
  • Fats, both fat you eat as body fat

If you want to lose weight, then your goal will be to use body fat as an energy source, which seems logical. The solution seems simple: you can indeed eat less carbohydrates and you will lose weight. But unfortunately, it is often not that simple. Because many people who eat carbohydrates do fall off, but often only temporary.

Why? If you’ve always eaten a lot of carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, biscuits, candy, gingerbread, etc.) it may be that your body ‘forget’ to burn fat. You then become a so-called sugar-burner. Only a few carbohydrate food is not enough to change back your metabolism so that your body will be too fat to use up energy. However, it is often a good step first to eat less carbohydrates.

Before I explain what you can do to train your body to burn body fat again, I want to first take a closer look at the characteristics of sugar-burners.

Features of sugar-burners (Best way to lose belly fat)

Sugar-burners experienced many disadvantages when it comes to dieting and weight:

  • The body of a sugar-combustor is more likely to store fat, rather than to use them as fuel.
  • When sugar-combustors is on a diet it goes beyond the body which cries out for more carbohydrates. Such as bread or chocolate.
  • Sugar-burners store fat in particular on their bellies, by an unfavorable combination of hormones. There are many sugar-burners that are pretty slim, but have a belly.
  • Sugar-burners have quite quickly after taken a meal (an almost irresistible), need for fresh food.

Sugar-burners are dealing in short with an unfavorable combination of body hormones that provide ….

  • more pull ….
  • more fat storage …..
  • and more formation of fat in the belly!

Familiar to you? Then chances are that you are a sugar burner.

The solution? You have to train your body to use fat as an energy source again. In other words, you must be a fat burner.

Becoming a fat burner and losing your belly fat?

To become a fat burner you should take the following steps on the best way to lose belly fat:Best way to lose belly fat for women

  • Check the amount of carbohydrates you ingest
    Those who eat too many carbohydrates, trains their body to mainly use it as an energy source. By eating fewer carbohydrates it takes the number of enzymes to burn fat, and your metabolism gradually changes to that of fat-burner.
  • Teach your body to turn fat to be used as fuel, by fasting
    Fasting can be done in different ways. For example you can eat less every day, or you can decidenot to eat daily between 20:00 and 12:00. By not eating, the body is stimulated to burn more fat.
  • Make sure your body is more sensitive to insulin.
    Insulin is the hormone that is involved in the storage of fat, particularly in the abdomen. By increasing the sensitivity to this hormone you get less fat. How can you do this? Clear sugars and other refined products, such as products made from flour (white bread, gingerbread, etc.).
  • Give your fat burning an extra boost with the right exercises
    Especially strength training which ensures the increase in fat burning.

In a nutshell, this is what you’ll be doing to deal with belly fat, or fat in any place whatsoever. Do you find it difficult to get started with this information? Below are some practical tips to start today.

How do I start today to burn belly fat?

Follow these tips on the best way to lose belly fat and you can begin today to burn belly

  • Eat a diet that is low-glycemic: based on lean animal protein (chicken, poultry, fish and eggs ), nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables and fruits.
  • Start the day with protein – start the day with protein is very important. This also makes your metabolism faster and prevents you against the rest hunger of the day. Take eggs, a protein shake, nuts, seeds, chicken or fish.
  • Do not drink calories – do not take soft drinks, fruit juices, sweetened beverages and no more than 3-4 glasses of wine or spirits per week with meals.
  • Avoid cereals – including gluten-free flour. Cereals, even whole wheat flour, act like sugar in your body.
  • Beware of processed foods – not occurring ingredients which naturally contain a lot of factory-made foods including glucose-fructose syrup, artificial colors, preservatives, and chemicals.
  • Eat fats – especially foods with omega-3 such as sardines, avocados, nuts and wild salmon are good. Avoid refined and processed vegetable oils except olive oil. Saturated fats such as butter and ghee are also good. Beware of trans fats which can be found in cookies, snacks and fried food. Fat-reduced food is not a strategy that works to lose weight, according a reported conducted by the world-famous Harvard University . span class=”notranslate”>So do not be afraid to eat fat!
  • Be active and stronger: a combination of cardio and strength training is the key. Cardio builds fitness and strength training builds muscle and improves metabolism so you get a nice body contours. An excellent way to combine cardio training and strength training, get tight abs and burn fat by training with a kettlebell
  • Get plenty of sleep: sleep deprivation alters the metabolism and increases cravings for carbohydrates and sugar.Sleep is sacred . Make your bedroom dark and not too hot and stay there for 7 to 8 hours per night.

Immediately begin to burn belly fat?(Best way to lose belly fat)

Would you like to immediately start burning belly fat? I recommend the Lean Belly Breakthrough. The lean Belly Breakthrough is absolutely on the market the best and most effective tool to achieve a flat stomach and body as soon as possible and as easy as possible. You will learn everything you need to know to burn fat effectively. The book picks up where I left off on this page, and explains how you can always make the right choices. Both in the field of training as in the field of nutrition! This is my favorite and i recommend the book, for any one serious about shedding off belly fats. Feel free to leave your contributions,experiences and comments below on the best way to lose belly fat.


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